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Produced by Carlo Izzo (www.imixthis.com) for Moonlight Records.
Artwork by Studio Vendetta (www.noisiamovendetta.it)


released January 5, 2014



all rights reserved


ALFATEC Firenze, Italy

We play for passion, we love what we do trying to do it in the best way possible. We are not a proper politicized and committed band, but we support everyone fight for a better place to live. Our lyrics talk about everythings strike us: our life, our city, personal experience and of course also policy, shitty religion, injustice and all the shit around us. ... more

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Track Name: Last Dose
Everyday I can feel the weight, of a rock on my head
Kill the light and everything inside, I’ve gone and created a mess
No time left for a wishful thinking, close your eyes and go ahead
What’s wrong with your state of mind, I’m sorry but I cannot stay

Turn around my certainty, troubles inside my blood
Keep in mind what’s wrong with you, be smart cause life is short
Take it more don’t be afraid, are you ready to be ok?
Party is over leave me alone, I’m out but i needed more

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that I give you
Don’t do anything at all

Oh no, I needed more, to be in peace with myself, I’ve no regrets
Track Name: Shut Your Mouth
I’m sick you’re kidding me, a bunch of assholes nothing more
It’s time to pay it’s time to pray, violence that’s the way
Shit talk no ideas, politics fucks my future
It’s time to pay it’s time to pray, violence that’s the way
No more bullshit shut your mouth, it’s time to react
No more bullshit shut your mouth, please kill yourself
Track Name: What Happens Next?
Time is gone, I’m still here, sit down with nothing to do, future is not clear, what happens next?
Waiting for an answer that’s nobody will give me, I don’t wanna call your sir, what happens next?
Imagine what you can do and try to figured it now. Looking forward to grow up, your future is here right now
Stand up and move it now, time to rest is over, leave your room and move around, what happens next?
Your moment is coming, no one can tell you what to do, break down your problem, what happens next?
Track Name: Fight For Peace
Serve, believe, swear on your nation / This is the best that you can get
Load your weapon bring civilization / Join the army spread respect
Gloch, Beretta, AK47 / The best receipe for ethernal peace
Smash heads and torture people / Are you serious or are you kidding me?

Driving tanks to sow justice / This is not as it should be
Breaking bones to impose ideas / Even without eyes I can see
Bury hopes annihilating ideals / A lesson that we haven’t learned yet
Brainwashing control throught terror / Why is everything so mean?

Powerless against greediness / Can only die under its weight
Prepare yourself reach democracy / This is the end nobody’s safe
Track Name: Bells Ring
Look at the sky / It’s cloudy and grey
Look at the grass / It’s green and wet
Wonderful creatures / They feel free
Smell each other / Pure relationship
Track Name: My Brother is a Nazi
Think about your life and try to figure it out
What do you expect from the path you are walking on?
You are proud of this country, talk about identity
You don’t realize how it’s wrong and how it always will be

I don’t know what you mean, but I know what you represent

Take responsibility for what you say
It’s not a joke, you should be ashamed
Talk about bullshit raising the right arm
Heads full of shit, that’s what I think of them
Track Name: Pigeons
Bills suck and pigeons suck
The world is out to get you
You want to learn to fly
But your life is full of rain clouds and smelly feet

You want the greatest thing, the greatest thing since you learned to walk
You’ve got it all, you’ve got it now, carry a map to help you along

Your life doesn’t have to end, sing with me dance with me
And put a curse on your head, on your head, on your head
Your life is bitter, but get out and learn to fly
Track Name: Perfect Pervert
Sit in front of a dark light your mind wants to be satisfied
Looking for an answer deep within, feel free with yourself
Don’t be scared try what you need, that’s what animals do
Face your life don’t collapse under it that is what you are

Perfect pervert, lose control, perfect pervert

What is normality? Show me your face. Judge me but I’m alright
Over and over I fly with my mind, it’s late and I need rest
Time is coming, I’m ready to explode
Track Name: Domestic Violence
Do you feel strong, am I right? Yes for sure, you look ready to fight
Your life is so sad. Do it again and she will cut your head
Domestic violence, our sweet little secret
You are shit and here everybody knows. So pathetic, you deserve to go down the drain
Waste her life, you know that she’s so weak. That’s why she doesn’t speak
Domestic violence, our sweet little secret
React, raise your head, use your strenght, kill your monster
He’s nothing, master just at home. He’s a rat and you should poison him
Track Name: High Heels
High heels on the streets make me blind
High heels on your feet pump my blood
High heels talk to me
Your class and elegance hypnotize me more and more
Let me get inside your head, you make the rules of the game

I know you, you know me
You wanna be the only one
Queen of secret dreams
Show me your face and look the fire in my eyes
I heard the sound of……
Track Name: Goodbye
Grab your stuff and run away / I won’t ask you to stay
Hit me I Know I hurt you / Trust me you’ve done the same
Goodbye! Goodbye! Step by step I walk away
Walking alone on the way home / Trying to understand
Take a breath close your eyes / I swear no more goodbyes
Goodbye! Goodbye! Step by step I walk away
Smoking weed and drinking rum / Waiting for a call that will not come
I realize everytime / Last chance will not arrive
Goodbye! Goodbye! Step by step I walk away